5 Tips for Buying Wright Stander Mowers

5 Tips for Buying Wright Stander Mowers

In the market for a Wright stander mower? These are ideal for a number of different needs, and can provide you with benefits ranging from better ergonomics to better control while cutting. However, there are a few things you need to know when buying Wright lawn mowers in Chicago.

1. Deck Width

Like any other mower, you need to pay attention to the deck width. If it’s too wide, you’ll struggle to get through tight areas, but if it’s too narrow, you’ll find that your cutting time is greatly increased.

2. Suspension

Pay attention to the suspension. You want a full suspension on the mower so that you’re comfortable and supported at all times. A limited suspension can result in a harsh ride, which is jarring to your hands, knees and feet while using the mower.

3. Engine Size

Yes, engine size is important. The larger the engine, the mower power you have for cutting, which can be handy, particularly with thicker growth. Of course, larger engines also consume more fuel, so you’ll need to account for that.

4. Fixed or Floating Deck?

A fixed deck unit might seem less ideal than a floating deck model, but that’s not really the case. It’s all in application. Could you benefit more from an affordable fixed deck, or would it be better to pay a little more for a floating deck?

5. Ease of Maintenance

Finally, consider how easy the machine is to maintain. You’ll want to work with a professional partner in the service sector as well to make sure that your equipment is always in good shape.

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