Why Should You Buy Commercial Lawn Mowers?

Why Should You Buy Commercial Lawn Mowers?

If you run a yard care company, you know the importance of having the right equipment. Even if you’re just starting out, it’s important that you buy commercial lawn mowers, rather than attempting to use a consumer-grade option. Why is this, though? Performance The most important reason to make this investment is the performance you’ll […]

The Importance of Landscape Edgers in Chicago

It’s vital that lawn care companies have the right tools for the job. You’ll definitely need the right commercial grade mower. You’ll want aerators, as well. You’ll also need other tools. One aspect that you might overlook, though, is the need for landscape edgers in Chicago. What’s an Edger? Not sure what this piece of […]

Safety Tips While Working With Commercial Mowers

Whether you’re a residential customer looking for commercial mowers in Chicago or you’re the owner of a landscaping company looking for the same, you know the benefit a good mower can have on your property. It’s satisfying to see a well-manicured lawn stretching out before you, especially when you’re the one who just cut it down […]

Why Keen Edge for Landscaping Maintenance Equipment

It doesn’t matter if you’re a homeowner with a keen eye for your property’s own landscaping or if you own your own lawn maintenance company – you’re going to need a reliable landscaping maintenance equipment supplier. If you’re looking for such a supplier in the Chicago area, look no further than Keen Edge Co. for […]

Maintain Your Lawn with Lawn Aeration Equipment

Lawn aeration is typically done with solid spikes such as those on powered machinery, aerator sandals/shoes, a garden fork, or rolling aerators. These spikes go into the ground one to six inches, the top two being the most critical. Equipment for Aerating Your Lawn: 1)Aerator shoes/sandals These are devices that you strap on your feet and […]

Parker Power Equipment Features

When it comes to finding the right machines for keeping your lawn looking great, there are certainly plenty of options from which to choose. However, some manufacturers provide a wealth of features that make a huge difference in performance and overall value, so it is important to make sure you are taking these differences into […]

Choosing the Right Equipment for Different Landscaping Conditions in Illinois

From varying seasons to different elevations and even karst conditions, homeowners and landscapers need to have yard care options available that can handle all of them with ease while still providing exceptional value and quality. Fortunately, there are product lines available that do just that. Wright lawn mowers in Illinois have the features and options […]

Why Keen Edge Is the Best Outdoor Power Equipment Distributor across Chicago

Maintaining and caring for lawns requires the right tools, and that’s much easier when you work with a leading distributor in Chicago. Partnering with the right company ensures that you’re able to get good prices on the highest quality outdoor power equipment and landscape maintenance equipment on the market. How do you choose the right […]

Factors to Be Considered While Selecting an Outdoor Power Equipment Distributor

Those who work in the field of landscaping and outdoor beautification need to have the right tools at their disposal if they hope to do a good job. Thus, it is important to find and work with a high quality outdoor power equipment distributor that can provide all of the essentials, along with some items […]

How to Find the Best Plugr Aerators

Everyone wants to make the lawn look as good as possible. Whether they are trying to improve the look of their own backyard or they are trying to beautify the landscaping at an office park, aeration could help. Aerating helps to remove dead grass and roots, common in “bald spots” on the lawn. A Plugr […]

The Advantages of Parker Power Equipment

When it comes to lawn maintenance, you need the right tools for the job. Power equipment provides significantly better results than manual options, and it also cuts down on the time spent on each job.  Parker Power Equipment consistently ranks among the best in the industry, as well.   One of the most important concerns with […]

How to Select a Proficient Outdoor Power Equipment Distributor

Having the right tools and gear is a vital consideration for any landscaping or lawn care service. Whether you provide full-yard solutions for your customers, specialize in tree removal, service golf courses and commercial customers, or something else, you must work with the right outdoor power equipment distributor. How do you choose the right option, […]