Choosing the Right Equipment for Different Landscaping Conditions in Illinois

Choosing the Right Equipment for Different Landscaping Conditions in Illinois

From varying seasons to different elevations and even karst conditions, homeowners and landscapers need to have yard care options available that can handle all of them with ease while still providing exceptional value and quality. Fortunately, there are product lines available that do just that.

Wright lawn mowers in Illinois have the features and options you need to tackle all those tasks that keep your landscaping looking great no matter what the season. For those who handle mostly flat areas with the occasional flowerbed or tree in the way will prefer the machines that allow for sitting or standing operation. With these units, workers can travel over flat terrain with few interruptions quickly, while the ability to stand up while doing so provides advanced comfort and support based on the user’s needs.

Stander machines are the perfect solution for areas with steep grades, or yards with considerable amounts of landscaping. Standing options provide clear site lines that make avoiding sinkholes, beds, karst areas and other non-grass areas easy. Additionally, these choices provide unbeatable stability and a low center of gravity that improve traction in hilly areas. Finally, standers help to minimize the fatigue that comes with spending long hours riding over bumpy ground by taking the shock absorption away from your back and placing it on your legs and feet.

You’ll also need options that are sized right for each job, and you’ll find that with these cutter options as well. With cutting paths ranging from 36 inches to 61 inches, there is a size available that will ensure the highest efficiency.

Wright lawn mowers in Illinois are the perfect choice to meet all your landscaping needs, and Keen Edge Co. is the premier dealer and distributor in the area. Call us at 877-463-3685.

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