Equipment Rental Dealers

Power Equipment and Parts Support for Equipment Rental Dealers

Reliable supply of outdoor power equipment and parts support for equipment rental dealers:

As an outdoor power equipment rental dealer you need reliablemowers, aerators, blowers, trenchers, and vacuums. Quick access to replacement parts is also critical in order to minimize your equipment downtime.

Keen Edge Co. is an established wholesale and retail distributor of premium outdoor power equipment,engines, parts and accessories. Equipment rental dealers in Chicago, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri and Kansas City can rely on usfor their parts and equipment needs.

Our broad line of lawnmowers, stander mowers, aerators, blowers, vacuums, lawn sweepers, trimmers, brush cutters from reputed manufacturers meets most equipment needs.

Profitability also means keeping your machines in optimal working condition. Our experienced staff and large parts inventory provide the support you need to keep your equipment operating..

Why Keen Edge Co. is an equipment rental dealer’s first choice?

  • Access to huge inventory of many leading brands including Wright mowers, Plugr aerators
  • Extensive parts inventory with short procurement times
  • Exceptional support and personalized attention from our experienced staff
  • Manufacturer equipment warranties ensure reliable after-sales service
  • Unmatched dealer support and service

Keen Edge Co. provides top quality mowers, aerators, blowers, trenchers, and vacuums to help outdoor power equipment rental dealers maximize productivity and earnings. We have first-hand experience of what it means to have dependable machines and readily available replacement parts.Call us at 877-463-3685.

We keep the edge in your power equipment.