How to Choose the Right Commercial Lawn Mower for Your Needs

How to Choose the Right Commercial Lawn Mower for Your Needs

Whether you have multiple properties, or very large areas to mow, commercial lawn mowers are great options for keeping those lawns looking their best. While you can consider using residential mowers, the benefits of commercial options make them a much better choice.


Commercial mowers are designed to last much longer than traditional mowers, which makes them a much better investment in the long run. The higher quality parts and craftsmanship ensure that they are built to withstand much more use than a residential mower.


The main difference between residential and commercial options is the cutting deck. These mowers have faster blade speeds, which allows for fewer clumps, and ease of cutting for even the most overgrown yards. Additionally, these mowers allow for much faster cutting speeds to minimize the amount of time spent on any given area.


There are a variety of commercial mowers available, including those that allow you to sit and ride, and those that require you to stand or walk behind the mower. If you are mowing larger areas that you need to complete quickly, self-propelled, rear wheel mowers allow for faster mow times. If you are cutting down large amounts of tall grass and weeds, walk behind mowers or riders may be the better option.

The wide range of available commercial lawn mowers allows you to choose from some of the most powerful options available that can handle nearly any mowing challenge. The key is to determine your personal preference as far as walk behind or riding mowers, and the amount of power and speed you want to get the job done. If you are interested in the available options, Keen Edge is a leading provider for commercial lawn mowers. Contact us today at 877-463-3685 to find out more.


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