How to Use Landscape Edger in the Lawn and Garden?

How to Use Landscape Edger in the Lawn and Garden?

Whether you’re a homeowner with a green thumb or a landscaping professional, you can make a real difference in the look of your lawn and garden work when you use landscape edgers to clean up the borders of any yard.


When most people think of landscape maintenance equipment, they think of rakes, clippers, and lawn mowers, but landscape edgers are some of the most important pieces of equipment you can purchase to get the best looking lawns and gardens.

Given the chance, grass will grow right over curbs, walkways, and garden borders. You can cut it to keep it from taking over, but just mowing it won’t give your lawn the manicured look you want. That’s where a good edger can make a real difference.


Whether you’re cutting down the grass along the edge of a curb or sidewalk, or you’re edging around a pine straw or mulch area around shrubberies and decorative plants, this is the tool you need to do it. Just line the blades of the edger up at the edge of the grass, where you want to cut away the grass and its roots.

Start with your edger at a shallow setting to cut away the excess grass. Move back and forth along the line or curve that you’re creating with the edger until you’re happy with the way it looks. Then change the setting on the edger to a slightly deeper level. This will cut away the roots of the grass so that it won’t grow back as quickly.


If done properly, with good power equipment, edging the lawn and garden is actually quite easy, and it only needs to be done every other time you mow the lawn. That way you can save time and effort, while creating a beautifully manicured lawn. For more information on edgers and other landscape maintenance equipment, contact us today at 877-463-3685.


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