Keen Edge Co. has long been a valued partner to power equipment dealers, landscaping maintenance professionals, golf course professionals, rental equipment dealers, as well as homeowners with top lines of equipment, industry knowledge, and premier parts support.

Quality products, parts, and sales support for power equipment dealers.  See Power Equipment Dealers

As a power equipment dealer you need top quality lawn mowers and power equipment to serve your customer needs. Superior performance, durability and parts support will assist in attracting customers and building customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Cutting-edge outdoor power equipment for landscape professionals.  See Landscape Maintenance Professionals


Efficient and durable mowers, aerators, blowers, and other power equipment are important assets to any landscaping maintenance business. These power tools increase productivity and profits by allowing a landscape professional to be more productive, servicing more customers.

Broad range of outdoor power equipment and parts for golf course maintenance professionals. See Golf Course Professionals 


Keen Edge Co. offers a wide range of premium outdoor power equipment that delivers high performance and lasting service. Our extensive inventory of engines, parts and accessories facilitates quick repairs and minimal downtime.

Reliable supply of outdoor power equipment and parts support for equipment rental dealers.  See equipment rental dealers

As an outdoor power equipment rental dealer you need reliable mowers, aerators, blowers, trenchers, and vacuums. Quick access to replacement parts is also critical in order to minimize your equipment downtime.

GreenWorks Electric Lawn Mower and Equipment Distributer in Chicago – See Home & Garden

The GreenWorks equipment line is a big hit with our homeowners because it’s environmentally friendly, powered by electricity. This means lower impact on the environment and quality, economically-priced electric lawn mowers and tools that get the work done quickly and easily. Our GreenWorks catalog has a tool for every outdoor job around your home.