Mid-Mount Z’s


Wright Stander Z

Large hydro pumps let the
mid-mount Z run faster and
than the competition.
Well Balanced and Maneuverable Muscle

Sometimes there’s just no substitute for horsepower and speed on extra-large jobs. With the Wright Mid-Mount Z™, you also don’t have to sacrifice a quality cut for muscle to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Yet, is also features a compact, lightweight design that fits easily on a trailer and reduces rut damage on soft turf. The low center of gravity gives you the stability to handle hills and maneuver around obstacles with confidence.

  • Deck sizes of 52” and 61”
  • Inverted pump motor drive
  • Engines and hydros mounted low for greater stability
  • Fully adjustable suspension seat
  • Adjustable rear wheel position for ideal balance when used with collection system