Wright Stander

It eliminates the obstacles
that stand in the way of productivity.
Original Toughness

The revolutionary Stander Mower combines control. Speed, and traction to tackle ever-changing terrain, including hills. With the isolated platform for a smoother ride coupled with ground speeds up to 9.5 mph, this mower can take on landscaping challenges that no mid-mount Z can match. Fixed frame design provides maximum toughness and durability.

  • Deck sizes of 32”, 36”, 48”, 52” and 61”
  • Short overall length for greater maneuverability than any mid-mount Z
  • Low center of gravity and large wheels for hillside stability
  • Hydro-Gear®commercial grade heavy duty wheel motors and pumps
  • No seat, seat belts or arm rests mean you can easily bail out or step off to pick up debris
  • Durable AERO CORE™ reinforced decks
  • Tough and easy to operate with very few moving parts