What Are The Benefits of Lawn Aeration?

What Are The Benefits of Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration is an important part of keeping your yard healthy and looking great. Oxygen is a requirement for all living things, and this is also true for your grass. While it is possible for your lawn to continue growing without proper aeration, it will not grow as well as it should. There are many benefits to proper aeration, and there are numerous lawn aeration equipment options available to help you get the job done right.

Over time, your soil becomes compacted due to both traffic and natural processes. This compaction does not allow proper amounts of air or water to pass through to the roots of your lawn. When this happens, the result is sparse, uneven, or weedy lawns. When aerators are used, it allows these nutrients to get to the roots, resulting in thicker, lusher grass that does not become overwhelmed by weeds or moss.

If you are not ready to commit to outdoor power equipment, you can also use hollow tine aerators that are hand-held or worn on your feet. These methods may take longer, but they will provide the same effect as power aerators. Regardless of what type of lawn aeration equipment you use, you will need to go back over your lawn with a mower without the bagger, or a rake to clean up the dried cores that are left behind. Otherwise, your lawn will end up uneven and bumpy.

Aerating allows your lawn to have considerably more oxygen and water flow, both of which are as essential as proper mowing and fertilizing. While your lawn may go for a considerable length of time before the effects of improper oxygenation show, once the damage is done, it becomes much more difficult to get your lawn back to a state of healthiness. If you are ready for a healthy lawn, place your online aeration order at Keen Edge Co

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