What Is a Plugr Aerator, and Is It Good for Your Lawn?

What Is a Plugr Aerator, and Is It Good for Your Lawn?

If you take an interest in lawn care, you may have heard of a Plugr aerator. Maybe your neighbors use one as part of their landscape maintenance equipment, or maybe you’ve heard about it on a gardening show. However, what is it, and will it really help your lawn?


Aerating your soil is indeed important for lawn health. The Clemson Cooperative Extension suggests that dealing with soil compaction is an essential and often forgotten aspect of lawn health. Aeration helps water and nutrients get to the roots of plants and increases the amount of oxygen in the soil. This makes the lawn healthier and helps it stand up to drought, so it is a particularly important practice in dry areas. Anyone who wants a truly healthy lawn needs to invest in aeration at some point, whether by purchasing their own aerator or through a lawn care service.


A Plugr aerator is bound to be one of the best large aerators you can find. These industrial strength aerators help you renew the health of even the largest lawns quickly and safely. They are easy to handle – walk behind models operate much like a lawn mower. They are adjustable and durable. With a Plugr aerator, you get landscape maintenance equipment worthy of a pro, but simple and compact enough for you to use at home.


As with any piece of equipment, you need to ensure not only that you are getting the right brand, but that you’re going through the right provider. You should get your Plugr aerator through Keen Edge Co. Contact us today at 877-463-3685 to learn about what models we carry and how you can get your very own high quality aerator for all of your lawn maintenance needs.


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