Why Should You Buy Commercial Lawn Mowers?

Why Should You Buy Commercial Lawn Mowers?

If you run a yard care company, you know the importance of having the right equipment. Even if you’re just starting out, it’s important that you buy commercial lawn mowers, rather than attempting to use a consumer-grade option. Why is this, though?


The most important reason to make this investment is the performance you’ll see. Consumer-grade models are designed to do an “ok” job. Professional-grade equipment is designed to offer outstanding performance across a wide range of yard types.

Operating Position

With consumer-grade models, you sit down to mow. With commercial lawn mowers, you can walk behind the mower or stand, as well. This provides more comfort and better control of the mower.

Cutting Width and Turning

Professional-grade equipment is available with a number of different cutting widths (mowing decks). You can choose a narrower option for residential yards, or a wider model for cutting large estates, or serving county rec departments, golf courses and the like.


Consumer-grade equipment will likely last a few years, less with hard use (like you’ll be putting on it as a professional). Equipment designed for pros will offer a long lifespan even under continuous use. That lets you move from one client to the next without worrying that you’re putting too much wear and tear on your equipment.

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